Hey there, my name is Dave. I love helping small businesses with their websites and online strategies.

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About Me

Your online marketing success will be achieved through authenticity and offering value. I'm not interested in the latest 'ninja' tactics or get-rich quick schemes, and you shouldn't be either.

I started my career with 13 years in increasingly senior corporate management roles, with full P&L responsibility for budgets of over $25 million and personnel management of up to 30+ staff members.

Starting an Online Business

I left the corporate world in 2002 and have worked for myself since, starting four businesses, and selling two. Each business has relied heavily on digital marketing. I've been online since before the internet was cool, building more websites than I can count.

Including this one.

Websites Without the Hassle

Getting a kickass website for your business shouldn't be a painful, bank account draining experience. My goal when working with you is to provide you with a beautiful, functional website quickly, that your visitors love, without breaking your budget.

I believe that seemingly complex problems are often best served by simple solutions. And coffee. If you agree, head over to Barefoot Web Designs and let's chat.

Comments from Some Nice People

thomas-hill-vacorps"Late last year I must have reached out to a dozen web developers/SEO experts as we were having some major challenges with our website. I must say that Dave went way beyond the call of duty to help us out. The level of professionalism and integrity is unparalleled in the industry.

If you’re a budget-conscious small business looking a building a site for the first time, want a complete overhaul of your current site, or even just need a no-BS appraisal to have them take a look at the back-end of your site/code, I HIGHLY recommend Dave.

Thank you so much again!"

Thomas Hill
Sales and Marketing, Volunteer Adventure Corps

Melissa Dery"When it came time to freshen up my website it was suggested I take a look at Dave. I submitted a request for a review and was BLOWN away at the complete and thorough response I got. Dave had taken so much time and care to give me a comprehensive review of my site, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt this was the RIGHT person for the job! Needless to say I was not disappointed! The very day my fresh new website was live I immediately started getting more requests for consultations!

My site has consistently performed better than ever before. I’m thrilled at the level of service I received, so much so that I refer ALL my clients in need of any website work to Dave, knowing he will treat my clients with the same high level of care, respect and professionalism that I do and that I received while working with Dave and his team. If you are looking for service that exceeds your expectations, look no further, you’ve found it!"

Melissa Dery
Owner, The Golden Rule VA

David Chang"Getting a good website up and running is not an easy task. I struggled for a year to find the right design, widgets, and advice to get what I wanted. All this changed when I used Dave’s services. My only regret is not using him sooner, it would have saved me tons of time and resources.

The work was extremely professional and responsive. In addition, he took the extra step to give me advice on what I could do to make my site even better than I could have imagined. Dave took the time to answer all of my questions, give critical feedback, and explained what the process was going to be like. I definitely recommend that anyone looking to start a website, or who needs help with web maintenance, to use Dave’s services. You will not regret it!"

David S. Chang
Owner, Chang Holding Co.

Laurie-Ann Murabito"Dave gets it! I’ve had four websites in my past, designed by four different companies. Finding a web designer is easy, finding someone who understands how to represent you on the internet, and more importantly, keep your visitor there is the hard part. Dave knows how to create the ultimate visitor experience."

Laurie-Ann Murabito
Owner, LA & Associates

Bernard Ledoux"First and foremost, thanks again for the website. The results have exceeded our expectations. We have had a sizable increase in traffic for quote requests and more often than not, they make reference to information we now have on our website. I’ve been spreading the word about what a phenomenal job I thought you did."

Bernard Ledoux
Owner, Advantag Canada, Inc.

Bill Millios"Dave made the entire process straightforward and easy to understand – whether it was brainstorming first ideas during the initial layout phase or discussing any last-minute tweaks closer to the launch date. From concept to completion their goal was to always maintain as high quality as possible in all areas.

I found Dave to be very professional in creating a website that my company is extremely proud of."

Bill Millios
Owner, Back Lot Films, Inc.

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